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The Perky Collar was invented to stop the droopy and saggy collar and help extend the life of our favorite dress shirts. It provides consistency for the top button region of the collar. No adhesives to apply. No sticky residue. Finally you can look professional without the discomfort of a traditional tie.

Dress shirt collars take a lot of abuse from getting smashed in the closet, in our suitcases, carry on bags, laundry and hanging bags.

Finally, there is a solution to help collars look good without the use of a tie. Simply add the Perky Collar under your dress shirt collar and watch your collar lift up like it did when you first bought it. You no longer need to starch your shirts at the dry cleaner to get that crisp look. No starch means your shirts will last longer because starch thins out your shirts, makes buttons fall off and frays your cuffs.

Welcome to the Perky, LLC family, The Clothing Innovation Company. I hope you enjoy your Perky Collar and other future innovations.


Here is How it Works.




“This is fantastic. So simple and so effective.”
Kristen, Retail Store Manager at Joseph A. Bank

“My husband will love this. He wears dress shirts everyday and is always complaining about his collars.”
Debbie, wife of a travelling business person.

“I love the Perky Collar! I ordered one for each of the realtors that work for me. It is important to me that they each look sharp when working with our clients.
Thomas, Keller Williams Agent